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The Church & The Ecclesia

heavensThe Kingdom cannot be advanced by an organization. Only an organism can advance and manifest the Kingdom of God. Only an organism is teeming with life – the life of heaven – the love of the Father.
You see, the Ecclesia is a type and shadow of Jesus, Himself. It is the body of Christ upon the earth. It is the Love come to earth.
God made the earth and said it was good, yet, it is a pale comparison of heaven. The reason we have anything on earth is because it is perfect in heaven.
We, as the Ecclesia, have been commissioned to invite heaven to earth so that the Kingdom might be advanced.
Our bodies are a platform for heaven to invade earth as an instrument of His peace. So if we as the body were to come together in unity we could impact earth and the lives of those around us in a victorious way.
Another way of saying this is, we advance the Kingdom on earth every time we let heaven come through us. Allowing our bodies to be the platform from which heaven arrives on earth. When we allow this to happen “earthly time” (chronos) is put on hold and “heavenly time” (kairos)  invades earth.
Eternity is actually the ever present ongoing now. It is the place of miracles, of “heavenly prosperity,” and deliverance from bondage. In essence, we have brought the eternal substance or justice to earth from the “Court Room of Heaven.”
Earth has become a heavenly jurisdiction, a place where the Word of God reigns.
“Juris – diction” or legal speaking as an action brings jurisdiction or the place of manifested, finalized heavenly decree. Its the place where the gavel of heaven comes down and says it is finished!
“And The word became flesh and dwelt among us.”
We must become a forward moving, functioning organism that is not controlled from earth but directed from heaven, an organized – unified organism.

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