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The Rest – The Love – The Victory


As 2015 has come to an end and 2016 gets revved up, in a reflective mood, I was pondering the meaning of Hebrew numbers and began to receive some impacting revelation.

Below is what I found to be the Hebrew meanings for the numbers 15, 16 & 17.

15 – Rest
16 – Love
17 – Victory

I was a bit captivated by this in my reflections of the three-year time span of 2015, 2016 & 2017.

We always taught our young A-teams when training them in the prophetic to see the problem and
speak the solution. So my thoughts when looking back on 2015 and the many problems of the growing chaos that surrounded us, the answer was and still is embedded in Hebrews chapter 4, to enter the Rest by faith.

“The Peace of Christ” that passes all understanding.

Now, the chaos hasn’t stopped just because we flip a page on the calendar. Neither is “entering the rest” indigenous to one year.

And, the noise of the world is the sound of “un-faith” and constantly pulls on our peace. It positions us to take the stance of resonating its sound and becoming reactionary – joining in the chorus of the world rather than agreeing with the Sound of Heaven.

Now it’s no secret that our Father in Heaven is the greatest of mathematicians and He loves numbers. He created and owns the numerical sequences of all creation.

Maybe… just maybe, His voice emanates and adds a different timber each year, and in doing so, He extends to us an opportunity to pick up that “sound” and resonate it with Him in a new way. So as to get in His flow, we spread the sound of heaven.

This would mean that we agree with, and add to the Sound of Love, especially in 2016. We get to do this from a place of rest, this year, more than ever. This will have the effect of Heaven cascading into the earth so we may overcome those challenging situations and be a witness of His love to those who do not agree with us.

As 2016 rolls along let us set the stage to align with His sound and manifest His strength by becoming His Song, and being a creative force that causes an atmosphere of “victorious love” from a place of “rest” for all around us to enter in and be transformed.

“You are my strength and my song and have become my salvation!” Psalm 118:14

Just a few revelatory musings to kind of put a cap on 2015 and catapult us into 2016 and beyond.
2015 – Rest
2016 – Love
2017 – Victory

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