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The windows of heaven are open over Nepal and there is a new season! Your financial support is the only source that we have to get us to the people of Nepal. The people of Nepal have asked us to come and bring them the message and miracles of the Kingdom of God. With your help, we will see the Kingdom of God manifest in salvation, healing miracles and deliverance from the grasp of the evil one. Please help us change a nation. Thank you for generous gifts!


Recently, Rebecca Salameh sat with Wayne C Anderson and Kevin Ford and said, “You know, the windows of heaven are open over Nepal.”

Apostle Tek Dahal came to the United States in November (2015) and met with us in order to inform us that the windows of heaven are open over Nepal! He gave unto us a “Macedonian Call” to come to Kathmandu with an apostolic message of the Kingdom of heaven and release the miracles of God.

When the Lord opens the windows of heaven over a nation it is usually for some unknown period of time. That time for the nation of Nepal has come. Kevin Ford has seen the power of God manifested among the people in quite a number of nations but especially in Peru for the last few years. Many blind people are now seeing, lame and broken bodies have been healed miraculously, at the proclaiming of the Kingdom of God. That same power of heaven come to earth is what the people of Nepal deserve.

nepal-old-man-We’ve taken teams of people into nations on 6 continents in order to help meet the needs of the peoples. We have been populating heaven and destroying the gates of Hell. We will work among the poor and we deal with society in all levels on behalf of the poor with a purpose of giving the greatness back to the people of Nepal. There is a spiritual liberty that must come to this country.

Nepal is a pivotal nation and the growing Church is a passionate people of prayer.  So, our work in Nepal is broad enough and powerful enough to cause a spiritual draw of the Church of China as well as the Church of India into unity like no other place on the planet. We will be leading national conferences, leadership training, as well as miracle crusades.

Your financial help is the only way that we can get there. It requires many thousands of dollars each year for us to be able to go to Nepal. The investment has a massive return that comes from the very heart of God. The call has been given. The people of Nepal have asked us to help. We cannot turn them down. Our only source is the generous gifts of the people who believe with us. Pray for Nepal. Pray for us. Support us financially and send us with your blessing to place upon the people of Nepal.

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